Census response is important

To the editor,

Did you know that many in Maine have not heard from the Census Bureau, or for other reasons have not completed their forms? The census response for Maine as of Aug. 13 is only 55.9 percent, for Kennebunkport 39.8 percent, for Kennebunk 64 percent, and Arundel 62.7 percent.

Responses must come in soon, or our state will miss out.

I did not receive a form from the Census Bureau and when I heard that the response was weak, I kept on waiting for a mailing to arrive. Finally, I spoke with our town clerk. He suggested that I respond online, which I did. But apparently many are still waiting for a form to arrive or for a knock on their door, or simply don’t know how to respond.

I am assuming you have covered this issue to some extent, but I am asking you to keep on covering it. People can submit their information by telephone at 1-800-923-8282 or online at 2020census.gov. The deadline, which is shorter than usual, is Sept. 30.

I’m sure you know that the census information affects many important areas of our lives, including our representation in the U.S. Congress, and the allocation of funds to Maine. So it is important that everyone, even non-citizens, reply.

Victoria Adams, member, League of Women Voters

Time for senator to come home

To the editor,

Whatever else Susan Collins has done over the past three years, she has clung to a misguided hope that President Trump would eventually grow up — even assuring us at one point that “he has learned his lesson.” Meanwhile, in a grand public speech, she voted to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court following his “spoiled kid” performance at his confirmation hearing; she voted for the president’s nonsensical tax cut for the very rich — and, against all evidence to the contrary, she voted against impeachment.

In effect, she has said to the president, “Go ahead, do anything you want. I know you’re really a very nice boy at heart.”

Just as the president has assured us that a miracle will take the virus away, Susan Collins has relied on magical thinking to rein in the president’s incompetent and, frankly, criminal behavior.

To her credit, she has spoken out against his attempted heist of the U.S. Postal Service, but she speaks softly and carries no stick at all.

It really is time for her to come home.

John W. Forssen

Market is community treasure

To the editor,

Cummings’ Market in West Kennebunk is more than a local convenience store. There is much to be said about the dedicated employees who work there.

All of the employees are smart, likeable people who know all the stock by heart, and will stop wherever they are doing at the moment, to answer any question you might have.

Cummings’ has a super deli department, a great butcher shop (the best hamburger I have ever had on the grill). And where they get their meat, is a well kept secret.

At the head of this market is Dan Boothbay, who is the store manager. It is his philosophy and work ethic which is visible everywhere you look. Cummings’ Market makes our town better because they love it.

When the pandemic reared its ugly head, Dan and the rest of the Cummings’ family didn’t miss a beat, but rather stepped up to the plate to ask how best he and his employees could help the town. They were open to any suggestions. So Dan and his crew, conferenced together, and as usual came up with a great working plan to help their neighbors, their regular customers, and the whole town of Kennebunk.

We are so lucky to have Cummings’ Market, their employees and Dan Boothbay to be our local market. I love small town life.

Kris Archer