Support Sophia Warren for HD 29

To the editor,

At a time when party politics, bipartisanship, and divisive rhetoric is at an all-time high across our nation and yes even here at the local and state level, we have a unique opportunity in Scarborough to do something different. We have a newcomer to the political stage and she is chock full of energy, excitement, and intense intellectual curiosity, Sophia Warren.

Sophia recently interviewed me about my experience serving at the local level and I can tell you she asks deep and probing questions. She listened intently to my concerns and reflected back how she would approach them if honored with the opportunity to serve. Those are exactly the qualities I am looking for in someone who represents our voting district. I am tired of politicians who already have all the answers.

Sophia Warren is a candidate who is genuinely interested in diverse opinions of people from all sides of the aisle. She is passionate about environmental issues, which I know is near and dear to many of us here in Scarborough, it’s part of why we live here!

Please join me in voting for Sophia Warren, House District 29! She will work hard and serve us well!

Katy Foley

To the editor,

I am writing to endorse Sophie Warren for Maine House of Representatives on November 3,2020. Sophie is running as an Independent in Scarborough Coastal District 29.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit and talk with Sophie on several occasions. I find her to be an energetic, intelligent, curious young woman with a strong interest in Scarborough, and public service. Sophie was Dirigo Girls’ State Governor as a high school student, graduated from Brandeis University in International Relations, and then went to work for U.S. Senator Angus King in Washington, D.C.

We live in unsettled, challenging times. I am a Scarborough small business owner and have witnessed, firsthand, the calamitous effects of partisan politics. Scarborough needs independent-minded leaders who are interested in listening, collaboration, respect, and “reaching across the aisle” to produce workable solutions to complex problems.

On Nov. 3, 2020, I will be voting for Sophia B. Warren, Independent, for Maine House of Representatives, Coastal District 29. I urge my fellow Scarborough citizens,and small business owners, to join me.

Michelle T. Hayes

To the editor,

As a person who has spent my entire career in both public and private education, I am supporting Sophie Warren for the Maine House of Representatives for Scarborough Coastal District 29.

Sophie grew up in Scarborough and is a product of our fine educational system. She graduated from Brandeis University in International Relations, spent quite a bit of time working in Jerusalem with youth, worked for US Senator Angus King in Washington, D.C. and traveled on the campaign trail during Bernie Sanders quest for presidential candidate.

Although she is young, Sophie has experienced far more than her chronological age. She is enthusiastic, intelligent, a good listener and most of all, cares about all people. Public education, along with society and the way we live our daily lives, is in transition due to the challenges which Covid-19 has presented. I believe that Sophie will advocate for all which is important to Scarborough residents. The characteristic I find most refreshing is that she is “new blood” and carries no baggage, no ongoing “side deals” or indebtedness to “outside influences”.

I certainly hope you will join me, a lifelong Democrat, in supporting Sophie Warren, Independent candidate for Maine House of Representatives on Nov. 3, 2020. Remember … your vote does count. It’s the only tool we have!

Nancy Penna Curran

Support Stacy Brenner for state Senate

To the editor,

I first heard of Stacy Brenner through her work with Maine Farmland Trust and Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Organization (MOFGO).

I have since then learned more about her through her work in the community with local schools and hosting summer camps. When the pandemic hit, she stepped up and returned to nursing to pitch in, all while running her farming business. She knows the need for a stronger social safety net for Maine families, especially around health care and food insecurity.

She has the passion, knowledge, and is willing to do the hard work to find the solutions to get the job done for us in Augusta. I encourage anyone reading this to join me in supporting, and more importantly voting for, Stacy Brenner for State Senate.

John Tiedje

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