Councilor Jodi MacPhail presents Saco’s new van accessible handicapped parking spots, allowing for equal access for all residents to Saco’s downtown district, and the U.S. Post Office. Courtesy photo

Saco City Councilor Jodi MacPhail, working in conjunction with Age Friendly Saco and the Saco Dept of Public Works, introduced new van accessible handicapped public parking spots in Saco.

Before this change, the existing handicapped parking spots in the frequently used public parking lot on Free Street, located next to the U.S. Post Office, were side by side and didn’t allow for wheelchair/personal mobility machine drop off.

“With the uncertainty of mail-in voting this year, these spots will allow more accessibility to Saco downtown, and most importantly the Post Office, for wheelchair bound/non-ambulating residents that need extra space to be able to enter and exit a vehicle safely,” MacPhail said. “We all deserve equal access to the amenities in our downtown district.”

The lot is used by many seniors and mobility-challenged individuals and was in need of an upgrade to better manage that need, she said.

For more information on the new accessible parking spaces, email [email protected]

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