KENNEBUNK — The countdown is on to the first day of school at Acton Academy. Founders Michael and Kori Stack recently cut the ribbon with current students and family at the new school located at 5 Nason’s Court, next to Boulangerie, in the old pharmacy space.

Acton Academy opened Sept. 8, focusing on grades 1 -5, with a few kindergarteners. The school will later expand to include middle school and high school grades.

The program, led by Kyle Battle, will serve K-5 students in-person five days a week, with an emphasis on nature and student-led learning through real-world projects.

Acton Academy opened in Kennebunk on Sept. 8. Courtesy photo

“What I love about Acton is the incredible network of schools to share and learn from, but it’s not about being identical,” said Kori Stack in an email. “Each Acton shares the same set of core beliefs, implementing them in unique ways that fit their particular community. For example, we will prioritize a connection with nature by students spending one full day each week immersed in nature at an off-site location. It’s not about creating Acton-clones; it’s about providing freedom within a framework of proven methodologies.”

Acton Academy is described as a learner-driven micro-school and is accredited through the International Association of Learner Driven Schools. The core philosophy of the school is that each child is a genius who can change the world. The goal of the learning-design is for each child to discover their unique talents, the types of tasks they enjoy, and practical experience to understand where these talents and passions can be used in the real world.

Acton Academy is a part of the Acton Academy network of schools. The first Acton Academy was founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas, as a solution for one family, and there are now over 200 schools across the United States, Canada, and the world; a number that will rise to 250-plus in 20-plus countries by the fall of 2020.

Student capacity is 18, and there is still limited space available. Check out the curriculum details at