I live about a half mile from Sue Austin. I “knew” Sue before I knew Sue. She walks Route 115 into Gray Center every day decked in orange garb and waving an American flag. She picks up trash as she goes. A few years back, Route 115 going into Gray Center was a mess. Sue started collecting automobile parts, i.e. hub caps, exhaust pieces, etc. She was able to sway the MDOT attention to the need for Route 115 to be resurfaced by presenting a generous number of those hubcaps to the deputy commissioner at the capital and the state Transportation Committee.

She is a great lady and a representative extraordinaire. Always ready with a smile, ready to help any way she can and a willingness to find the answer (that is, if she doesn’t already know the answer). It is always a pleasure to catch her as she goes walking by to chat for bit or a long while, depending on the day.

Georgia Woodbury