Stop working at the dining room table and start feeling proud to turn on your camera during a video call.

With a few pieces of furniture and accessories, you can make a big step toward ergonomic comfort or optimize a space that has already been set up.


This compact desk can sit or stand, roll and lock, and fit into almost any living space.

Mind Reader adjustable desk. $80 at

If an adjustable chair or standing desk is not in the budget, look for a shorter desk—below 29 inches–and raise a computer monitor on a stand.

Coavas kids desk. $99 at

Looking for something unique? Vintage treasure hunting can still happen online. Look locally on good, old Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace or all over on We found this Danish modern cutie for sale by a Cumberland-based business.

1959 Aksel Bender Madsen & Ejner Larsen desk. $1,425 at

Privacy and Sound Attenuation

Need a better video call background or to hide yourself from a toddler? Room dividers can be bought new, used or vintage. A cheap, simple screen could make for a fun DIY decoration project.


Audubon print screen. $108 at

Bamboo room divider. $135 at

Audio professionals and restaurants rely on industrial grade sound dampening panels. If you are trying to make an open concept home more audibly functional, Audimute, Versare and Acoustical Solutions have professional grade, customizable products to peruse.

Audimute Custom Color Strata Tiles. Starts at $420 per panel with volume discount at


Now is the time to seize a corner office!

Make the most out of your space with a multi-functional LED lamp that can dim, change color temperature and  charge your phone. Consider low light houseplants or a light therapy lamp to brighten the mood if you’ll be at home through the fall and winter.

Circadian Optics light therapy desk lamp. $69 at 

Northern Light technologies Flamingo floor lamp. $260 at

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp. $99 at

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