Social media accounts

Information technology executive

High school diploma

Community Organizations:
Bowdoinham Cemetery Advisory Committee
Gun Owners of Maine
Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
I like hunting and target shooting. I am a licensed semi-professional race car driver. When life is not so busy, I like to camp and hike with my wife.

Family status:
Married with one adult son.

Years in the Legislature: None

Committee assignments (if elected):
Energy, Utilities and Technology
Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business


1) Are you satisfied with the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, why? If not, what do you think should be done instead?
No. We are currently operating with a government led by a single individual, without representation of the people by our elected government body. The people need our elected officials back to work.

2) As the state tries to balance its upcoming budget in light of the reduction in tax revenue because of the pandemic, how would you decrease expenses or increase revenues?
The only way to increase revenue would be to increase taxes. I am 100% against any increase in taxes. The legislature should look to reducing the budget increases made by the current administration.

3) How does serving as a local politician in your respective party align with the larger goals of that party?
As a local politician, our focus must be on the needs of our constituents, not the goals of a party. It’s time we have representation for the people of our district not any party.

4) What do you think is the most pressing matter that pertains to the next generation of Mainers who may be voting for the first time?
In 1949 the FCC introduced the Fairness Doctrine policy, revoked in 1987. Voters are now inundated with biased “opinions” rather than factual details about controversial matters of public interest.

5) Are you frustrated by the political sniping, exaggeration and even lies between the parties and their supporters that have threatened progress usually reached through respect and reasoned compromise? If so, what will you personally do to make the situation better?
I have been elected chair of the Select Board 5 for the past 5 years by four members of another party. I serve the interests of my constituents, not my party. I will continue to do the same in Augusta.

6) If you are elected, is there anything in particular that you hope to accomplish? And briefly, why?
Enhancing our infrastructure with rural broadband expansion. I have successfully expanded broadband in two of the towns in District 55. It can be done cost effectively at the state level as well.