Support Leanne Kazilionis and Shannon Lindstrom for School Board

To the editor,

Public schools are the heart and soul of most communities. We have been reminded of this over the past few months as cancelled sports, theater, education, social and enrichment programs have created a void. Scarborough’s community life has been less vibrant and more challenging for our youth, parents, grandparents and caregivers.

Since we all benefit from Scarborough’s school system, we all bear responsibility for supporting it. One of the best ways to do this is by electing School Board members who prioritize student learning and development and make decisions accordingly. Leanne Kazilionis and Shannon Lindstrom graciously responded to my request for information about the key challenges and opportunities facing the district. After speaking with them I am convinced they are the type of leaders we need now. They are passionate about education and committed to doing what it takes to move the district forward in a positive way. Both women impressed me with their deep understanding of educational systems — from both the human and business perspectives. They are intent on spending tax dollars wisely-compensating talented teachers at competitive levels and investing in programs that will prepare students for conscientious and engaged citizenship in rapidly changing world

It is clear that “what the world needs now” is cooperation, collaboration, thoughtfulness and respect. Leanne Kazilionis and Shannon Lindstrom embody these characteristics and will lead Scarborough schools and inspire its students to do the same. I am voting for a brighter future by supporting the candidacies of Leanne Kazilionis and Shannon Lindstrom.

Patrcia Brigham

Vote Jon Anderson for Town Council

To the Editor,

I am writing to express my support for Jon Anderson, who is running for Scarborough Town Council.

I’ve worked with Jon for several years and have been consistently impressed by his intelligence, hard work, and ability to manage complex projects. These traits, combined with his background in policy, process, and finance, make him an ideal candidate for town council. He will bring expertise from both the public and private sectors to create accountability for the taxpayers and deliver results.

In addition, Jon is deeply invested in making Scarborough a better place, for all residents. He is a father of young children and knows firsthand some of the challenges the school system faces. He is a founder of Scarborough Community Connections, and is committed to a plan for Scarborough that supports smart growth while incorporating input from the community.

Two years ago I was voting and happened to run into Jon at Scarborough High School, where he was collecting signatures for a local initiative. He and I had been working on the same demanding project, but he cared enough about the community to take time off of work and volunteer to help advance a cause he supports. I believe he will bring that same combination of organization, expertise, and genuine empathy for others to Scarborough Town Council.

Sam Hyde

To the editor,

We met Jonathan and his family when we moved to Scarborough (and back to Maine) in 2017. We were immediately struck by his dedication and concern for his family, neighbors, our schools, and the evolving needs of the town of Scarborough. We believe Jonathan, with his strong background in policy, process and finance, will work hard to create a culture of accountability and smart growth in our town. We have found Jonathan to be a thoughtful decision maker, someone who actively listens with a sincere interest and concern for both people and town events. In these last three and a half years we have remained impressed by his continued involvement and commitment to finding positive solutions. We feel fortunate to have Jonathan and his family as neighbors in Scarborough and look forward to voting for Jonathan Anderson as a reasonable and dedicated voice on the Scarborough Town Council. Please vote for Jonathan Anderson. Your voice will be heard.

Darlene and Mike Cronin

In support of Stephanie Anderson for Maine Senate District 29

To the editor,

This letter is written in enthusiastic support of our former district attorney, Stephanie Anderson, in her race for the Maine Senate — District 29. I worked for her briefly, prosecuting matters in Maine District Court, and then spent about 25 years opposing her office as I defended criminal cases. While working both for her office and against it, what struck me most clearly was that her staff was filled with ethical, committed, skilled public servants. In any organization, the staff is a reflection of the leadership, and this was evident during Stephanie’s near 30-year tenure as our district attorney. The fact that she has either run for district attorney unopposed or won in a landslide each election perhaps means that people are already familiar with her, but I write as a brief reminder.

I have had a “front row seat” while watching Stephanie’s career, and like many lawyers, she is extremely competent and analytical. More importantly, she is not afraid to take a difficult position simply based on principle and “doing what is right” — and then fighting and winning for her cause. Time and time again, Stephanie would take “unwinnable” cases and advocate for victims of horrific crimes (sexual assaults, domestic violence, serious injury OUIs), and yet prevail against the long odds.

As skilled as she was in fighting for her principles, she would always try to “reach across the aisle” to see if a fair and just agreement could be reached between competing parties. I have faith that she will continue to seek compromise and common ground while serving us in Augusta.

Stephanie is also empathetic and innovative. Her sense of compassion for people who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is as well known as her courtroom skills. She was the driving force behind Maine’s first “Drug Court” — where those who were committing crimes due to substance abuse could get treatment and break the cycle of dependency. Drug Court was just one area where Stephanie took new approaches in order to solve old problems — she also founded the Cumberland County Domestic Violence Unit, as well as the Juvenile Justice Unit.

If you reside in District 29 (South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, parts of Scarborough), please give serious thought to voting for someone with a proven track record of integrity, skill, courage, and public service. I urge you to vote for Stephanie Anderson.

John DeGrinney

Vote Caterina, Cloutier, and McGee for Scarborough Town Council

To the editor,

Although I am the current chair of the Scarborough Town Council, the opinions expressed in this letter are solely my own and don’t reflect those of the body. I am writing today to encourage my fellow Scarborough residents to vote for Jean-Marie Caterina, John Cloutier, and Nick McGee for Scarborough Town Council.

If you watch any town council meetings, you know that Jean-Marie and I are not always on the same page. Regardless, Councilor Caterina has been an integral part of virtually all of the town’s ordinances for the past several years. As the chair of the Ordinance Committee, she knows how to bring differing councilors’ views, and those of the public, together to reach reasonable solutions. The current marijuana ordinance and her willingness to slow down the 5G process are both recent evidence of her leadership. What’s more: Jean-Marie’s persistence is the sole reason why the Senior Property Tax Credit was increased from $600-$750 this past budget cycle. In a year where the Town tightened its belt more than any other, Councilor Caterina made sure Scarborough looked after its most vulnerable residents.

John Cloutier is the most analytical and strategic thinker on the council. He often does deep and thorough research and financial modeling that helps inform all of the other councilors’ decisions. His expertise in finance and long range thinking is a tremendous asset to the council. Additionally, as a relative newcomer (he has only served a year and a half), his perspective is still fresh and objective. John doesn’t have a political bone in his body. He looks at all issues from every angle and makes his decision on what he believes is best for the town and its residents.

Finally, I ask the people of Scarborough to vote for Nick McGee. Nick has been on the planning board for the past seven years,serving as the chair for the past two. The Scarborough Town Council needs Nick’s planning expertise as we move forward with The Downs development and all the opportunities, and challenges, that come with it. Mr. McGee has a deep appreciation of the task in front of us and understands the importance of steady and objective leadership. I encourage any residents to watch the way Nick runs the planning board meetings during a time of unprecedented activity and see for yourself why he is the clear choice for Scarborough.

Overall, my endorsements include one vetern, one relative newcomer, and someone “brand new.” It also includes differing political viewpoints that are all grounded and united in the betterment of our town. Please vote early and vote Caterina, Cloutier, and McGee.

Paul Johnson

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