Vote yes on OOB Question 1

To the editor,

For a town in which I was born, and one where I’ll spend my golden years walking the beaches and drinking coffee and enjoying lively discussions at the Ocean Park Sub and Grocery, I am deeply committed to preserving a safe and prosperous Old Orchard Beach for generations to come. That is why I’m voting YES on Question 1.

Question 1 will bond $23.5 million so that we can finally fix our aging wastewater system. As a Planning Board member, I know first-hand that our system is not capable of growing with us. There have been a number of new developments in town that we’ve approved, but we could not put them on the current sewer system because of capacity issues. These developments have had to install private septic tanks to process their waste, which is not ideal.

We can no longer put off the inevitable long-term repairs required to keep the wastewater system functional. It’s impossible to find replacement parts; the odor is terrible and we need to expand capacity. These are all things we’ve needed to do for 20 years.

I volunteer with the State of Maine’s Healthy Beaches organization, testing water quality to make sure that we are continually meeting State of Maine standards water quality standards. It is critical that we protect our watershed and our beaches to provide a safe environment for our residents, businesses and guests to enjoy. We risk our future if we don’t invest in it today. Please join me in voting YES on Question 1 this November. We may never get this opportunity again.

David Walker
Old Orchard Beach

Re-elect Susan Deschambault, SD 32

To the editor,

With the turmoil created by the pandemic, economic recession, and current political climate, re-electing Susan Deschambault to the SD 32 seat in the Maine State Senate is essential. Senator Deschambault consistently represents the needs of our community at the state level, and her record of success speaks to her leadership.

Senator Deschambault cares about fixing our health care system – which we need now more than ever. She has worked to lower the cost of prescription drugs, ensured Mainers cannot be denied health care coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and believes that no one should be thrown into poverty because of unexpected illness.

Senator Deschambault cares about community safety – a conversation that requires experienced leadership to navigate. Not only was she Biddeford’s first-ever female police commissioner, she also worked for the Department of Corrections as a social worker for more than 40 years. This breadth of experience in criminal justice, rehabilitation, and community support is essential to tackling the questions of safety and security for all that face us anew today.

To tackle the complex issues ahead, we must re-elect Susan Deschambault to the Maine State Senate. I hope you will join me in voting for Susan Deschambault to represent Maine SD 32.

Stephanie Edwards

To the editor,

As a middle school teacher with over 20 years of experience, one of the great joys of my career is witnessing former students become successful, contributing members of their community. This is why I was elated to get word that one of my former students, Joshua Parks, was running for the School Board in Saco. As a student, I found Josh passionate about learning and invested in his school. His witty sense of humor and overall respect for his peers and teachers made him a favorite to all that associated with him. It is because of these skills that he developed early in his schooling, that I was not surprised to hear that he was voted as president of the Student Senate while attending Southern Maine Community College. Josh is, and always has been, someone that looks out for people and wants what is best for his community. I couldn’t be happier that he is running for school board and will be encouraging my friends and family to vote for Joshua Parks in the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

Robert LePauloue
Thornton Academy Middle School teacher

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