Scarborough Garden Club thanks town departments

To the editor,

Together with the Scarborough Historical Society and the Town of Scarborough, the Scarborough Garden Club maintains the historic Hunnewell House. The Club meets four to five days a year at the house to weed, rake, pull up old plants, plant new ones, mulch and water the gardens.

The Garden Club would like to thank Scarborough Community Services and others for the alternate delivery of water for the Hunnewell House gardens this past summer. Due to a water main break last fall on Black Point Road, the Hunnewell House did not have water service.

When the Town Hall partially reopened at the end of May, we were able to contact them and they referred us to Community Services which was open two to three days a week. They also recommended we notify Public Works as they could probably set up some large water rain barrels on the property.

Two rain barrels were set up by the herb gardens at the Hunnewell House on an elevated sturdy stand with spigots 3 feet above ground. With an old rubber hose and by gravity, we were able to walk around the garden and slowly water the plants. It took three old rubber hoses to reach the flag pole garden. Luckily, the ground is quite level and the water from the hose flowed slowly but effectively.

In August, we were notified by Public Works that the water hook-up for Black Point was complete. Public Works installed two outlets, one by the herb garden and one by the flag pole garden. All of our backs rejoiced, the club’s volunteer weeders and other members who watered!

We are very thankful for all the departments and staff in Scarborough who coordinated with each other to meet our needs: Community Services, who got us started and involved; Public Works, for setting up the rain barrels; the Fire Department, for filling the rain barrels; and also, the Police department.

A special thank you to Community Services, who put us in touch with other departments and answered our questions. We were appreciative of all the patience of staff during this pandemic crisis. One staff member gave us his personal phone number in case we had any problems, and he called twice to see how things were going.

For more informatio on the Scarborough Garden Club, visit or email [email protected]

Thank you all!

Scarborough Garden Club

Vote Shannon Linstrom for School Board

To the Editor:

Shannon Lindstrom is running for Scarborough School Board and I urge residents to vote for her. I have worked with Shannon as part of the board and management of a homeowners association in Scarborough. She brings a thoughtful and collaborative approach to our work. Shannon identifies the individual components of an issue and analyzes each one before coming to an overall conclusion, listening carefully to, considering and responding to input from other members of the group. Her approach is openminded and respectful.Shannon will make a positive addition to the board.

Leonard Giambalvo

To the editor,

I am writing to support Shannon Lindstrom for the Scarborough School Board. When I met Shannon, we were both new to Scarborough, and determined to make friends and grow roots.

Shannon has friends from both sides of the aisle – she respects everyone equally without judgement and focuses on the greater good for our families. A mother of four, she cares deeply for the future of all children. Shannon has experience managing budgets and community as an HOA president and worked with budgets in her professional life.

Shannon is passionate about education and wants to make our children’s education a priority as well as support teachers here. She is focused on proper funding for the schools to retain a strong school system and programming for activities and clubs. Her goal is for Scarborough schools to become an employer of choice so we do not lose our teachers to other towns and communities because we cannot offer attractive pay and benefits. Our children deserve to have a promising future with the best teachers, mentors, and opportunities possible. I believe Shannon Lindstrom will work hard to ensure our children will have the best academic and enriching experiences!

Suzanne Merlin

Re-elect Leanne Kazilionis to School Board

To the editor,

Please join me in voting to re-elect Leanne Kazilionis for the Scarborough School Board. I had the pleasure of spending a year on the board with Leanne as chair. Her calm influence and quiet strength served the board well in the aftermath of a tumultuous year within the Scarborough school community.

Leanne is a thoughtful collaborator who always has what is in the best interest of our students and the district at the heart of every decision she makes. She leads by example and demonstrates respect and thoughtful professionalism in every interaction.

Leanne understands the importance of taking the time necessary to include all constituents: administration, teachers/staff, parents, and students to ensure that all voices are included. This was never more evident than when the Students With Diagnosed Allergies and Sensitivities was updated and delayed approval at first reading to honor and address the concerns of parents which were then included in a subsequent final draft.

Leanne took over as chair of the finance committee in the late spring of 2018 and helped secure a yes vote on that school budget. As chair in 2018-2019, she appointed the School Board members who had the best skill set to the finance committee, which has resulted in a yes vote in both years that she has been chair of the board. In fact, the 2019-2020 budget had more new investments than any of the past several years. Despite COVID financial pressures and challenges in 2020, Leanne and her team were able to put forth a budget that had community support, which allowed school staff to focus on the arduous work of safely re-opening schools.

Leanne has earned your vote for re-election with a tireless commitment to our school department and the education of all our students.

Amy Glidden

Support Jonathan Anderson for Town Council

To the editor,

I am writing to express my support for Jonathan Anderson, a candidate for Scarborough Town Council.

Jonathan is intelligent,analytical, curious, and open minded with a strong background in financial management, strategic planning,and people leadership. He possesses both government and private sector expertise and will use this knowledge to help ensure smart,planful growth for our town, and ensure Scarborough is a community where all residents can live comfortably.

Jonathan is a founder of Scarborough Community Connections, and wants to create a town culture where all voices can be heard. I’ve engaged with Jonathan on numerous topics, and the one constant is his ability to listen,ask incisive questions, reserve judgment, and engage in respectful dialogue.

Civility, respect for differences, and listening to understand each other should be a key requirement for our elected officials. I encourage you to consider which candidates will exhibit these critical behaviors, as you vote for your Town Council members. I’m confident Jonathan Anderson will continue to role model the leadership behaviors Scarborough needs, and the behaviors his two young children will be proud of.

Your vote is your voice! Please join me in voting for Jonathan Anderson, Scarborough Town Council. I am confident Jonathan will uphold his pledge to lead with integrity and transparency, and ask the tough questions for the citizens of Scarborough.

Michelle T. Hayes

Nick McGee for Town Council

To the editor,

I’m voting for Nick McGee for Scarborough Town Council and I hope you will too. Many long-time Scarborough residents are very worried about how much growth the town has experienced over the last few years. Look around and we see huge apartment complexes and new developments with hundreds of homes. What is happening to our town? Nick has been a member of our Planning Board for the last seven years and has seen up close what has happened. Taking back control of growth is important and is one of the reasons he’s running for council. Nick is committed to keeping our taxes reasonable while addressing the needs of our schools. Please join me in voting for Nick McGee.

Susan Hamill

Vote Frayla Tarpinian for Town Council

To the editor,

I strongly encourage you to vote for Frayla Tarpinian for Scarborough Town Council. Frayla is an experienced attorney and working mother with two young children. She is articulate, smart, thoughtful, conscientious, and caring. She will advocate for strong schools and smart growth in the community. She listens carefully and will make decisions based on the best interests of Scarborough. She will fight for sustainable grown and will work together with members of the community and the Town Council to solve problems that come their way. She believes in the efficient use of tax revenues and stable tax rates.

Frayla currently leads the Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Elder Abuse Unit for Kennebec and Somerset counties, has served as a volunteer guardian ad litem, and was a Big Sister in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program. In addition, she has served on the board of directors for several local nonprofits. For years she has supported her community and has proven to be a dedicated public servant.

Please join me in voting Frayla Tarpinian for Scarborough Town Council. You wont regret it.

Debra Bunce

Elect Sophie Warren for HD 29

To the editor,

This is a letter of support for Sophie Warren who is running for the Maine House of Representatives, Scarborough Coastal District 29.

I met Sophie this summer. She is an intelligent, thoughtful, well spoken young person. I am glad that an energetic young woman wants to run for public office.

Sophie wants to go to the Legislature to fight for the interests of people in her hometown. I think she will be hard-working, responsive, and will combine her energy and optimism with increased knowledge as she serves in a position at the State House.

I am a lifelong Democrat, but I will be voting for Sophie Warren on Nov. 3 as an Independent candidate for Maine House, Coastal District 29.

Robin R. Provencher

To the Editor,

I am writing in support of Independent Sophie Warren as State Representative for Scarborough’s District 29.

I first met Sophie at Catherine McAuley High School where I worked as the director of Guidance. She was the kind of student you remember – articulate, socially and culturally aware, passionate about advocacy projects, intelligent, and kind. She participated for four years in the Seeds of Peace program and was a U.S, delegate for its International program. At Dirigo Girls’ State, Sophie was elected by her peers as governor and represented Maine at Girls Nation.

Sophie attended Brandeis University where she continued to hone her leadership and communication skills, including participating in a study abroad at the International Center for Counter Terrorism in The Hague. Upon graduation, she worked as an Intern in the office of Senator Angus King, our highly respected, Independent senator from Maine.

Speak with Sophie today, and you will find an excellent communicator. She recognizes the importance of listening to understand one another, and clearly articulates her thoughts. She acts with compassion and conviction. I know Sophie as a bridge builder; she will use her strong conflict resolution skills to find common ground and compromise.

I enthusiastically urge my Scarborough friends and neighbors to join with me in supporting Sophie Warren. She will be a fresh, unjaded voice of reason for Scarborough, and the State of Maine.

Marie Eschne

To the editor,

As the nationwide coronavirus shutdown brought my professional baseball career to a close, I find myself getting ready for the next chapter of my life.

One thing I have been doing is spending time with my alma mater, Scarborough High School, substitute teaching.

I have enjoyed getting to know the current generation of students. They are energetic, and very tuned into such issues as coronavirus, and climate change.

I am a firm believer that we need young people to get involved in politics and public service. For that reason, I am delighted to support Scarborough native Sophie Warren for Maine House of Representatives, Scarborough Coastal District 29.

I have had a chance to get to know Sophie and work with her campaign as a volunteer this year. I have found her smart, personable, open minded and a passionate advocate for her hometown.

On Nov. 3, I’ll be voting for Sophie Warren. I hope all my friends will join me.

Joe Cronin

To the editor,

I have been proud this year to be volunteering for Sophie Warren‘s campaign for the State Legislature in Scarborough and serving as her campaign treasurer. I have known Sophie since she was a child. She is intelligent, passionate, well spoken, and a fierce advocate for her hometown on the issues facing Scarborough. She is an Independent and wants to go to Augusta to help break the two-party gridlock we are seeing.

She is passionate about fighting climate change, and is a zealous advocate for establishing a system of healthcare for all human beings.

I and many members of my family will be supporting Sophie on Nov. 3, and I urge all citizens of Scarborough House Coastal District 29 to join us.

Adam Cohen

To the editor,

It is time for change. We need to break the logjam that characterizes “business as usual” in both state and federal government. The best way to do that is to elect independent thinkers who are not beholden to any particular party or agenda. We need someone who has fresh ideas, is willing to listen, learn and get things done for the benefit of Maine and its people. We need someone who has the energy, willingness and resolve to make our state governance better. I firmly believe that Sophie Warren is the one candidate who can do that, and she should be Scarborough’s next state representative. Vote Sophie on Nov. 3!

Tom Brigham

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