Support Senator Susan Collins

I am a Proud Gold Star Mother of U.S. Army Ranger Captain Christopher Scott Cash. He served our nation proudly for 18 years before he was killed in Baqubah, Iraq on June 24, 2004. He was a husband, father and a wonderful son.

I first met U.S. Senator Susan Collins at our Celebration of Life Service in Scarborough one month later. We were so honored that she and Adj. General Bill Libby made time to attend Christopher’s service.

Senator Collins also made time to attend our Captain Cash Memorial family face day. She walked along to 5K route, along with 300 participants, and once again when the Old Orchard Beach High School track field was dedicated to my son. It was an honor to have her there.

Since that time, Senator Collins has continued her support of our beloved veterans. Our American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and so many other military groups have also received her support.

I feel she fight for our family and for all of the Maine people. Senator Susan Collins has my support, and we look forward to her re-election.

Nancy Lee Kelley
Old Orchard Beach

Don’t support Stedman Seavey for HD 9
To The editor,

In 2017, during Stedman Seavey’s prior time in the Legislature, he did a surprising and laudable thing. He joined Democrats and a handful of fellow Republicans to create a veto proof majority that passed an important solar energy bill. This was in the face of a promised veto by Republican Governor Paul LePage. Policy over party. A rare thing, even back in 2017. As promised, Governor LePage vetoed the bill. Then Rep. Seavey did another surprising thing. When it came time to follow through with his previous vote and override Governor LePage’s veto, he changed his vote. Along with six other Republicans, Rep. Seavey voted to uphold the veto. Party over policy. The veto was upheld – by three votes. The bill died.

This wilting under pressure and putting party before all is not what I want in someone who represents me in government. I write this not as someone for or against solar power. I write to ask those voting for State Representative for District 9 to take Mr. Seavey’s behavior in this matter into consideration when casting your vote.

Fred Olson

Elect Pendleton, SD 31

To the editor,

Although he has never run for public office, Craig Pendleton has successfully undertaken a number of leadership roles. Growing up in the Camp Ellis part of Saco in a family of fishermen, Craig recognized the importance of education, but gravitated toward training in a trade. He was able to attend the most advanced fisheries course in New England and earned an associate’s degree from the University of Rhode Island. He used that degree to rise in the fishing trade from crewman to mate and eventually to captain and owner of his own boat. His understanding allowed him to traded up to a larger fishing boat, captaining a crew, fishing the North Atlantic. Always dangerous though rewarding job, with foreign factory ships reducing the size and variety of the catch, commercial fishing became harder. Craig resumed his education and earned a baccalaureate. With increased federal regulation impacting the fishing industry, Craig became active in speaking with Maine’s Congressional delegation. He helped found an association to support and guide other fisherman and boat owners in navigating the political waters to bring seafood to our markets while complying with government regulation. He realized that he could go no further and left fishing.

Craig was a long time member of a local credit union. Other members selected him to join the credit union board, and the board had selected him to be its chair. Those who know him recognize his straight forward manner, which was developed during decades at sea, responsible for a crew and for bringing in a catch that will meet payroll, vessel maintenance, fuel and other expenses. Craig’s successful completion of these responsibilities was followed by years ashore managing and being responsible for Chamber of Commerce activities that require a different degree of diplomacy, and addressing different unintended consequences. Not only Craig’s employment history, but also having his lifelong residence in Saco and Old Orchard Beach, his grasp of the importance of fishing and tourism, and his general business success, make him the most well rounded and able candidate for the Maine State Senate.

Please vote for a better future. Vote For Craig Pendleton.

Marston Lovell

Vote yes for OOB Question 1

To the editor,

As an organization, the Old Orchard Beach Chamber of Commerce does not typically endorse political issues or candidates. Our approach has been to present all the information, educate our membership base, and allow each member to decide on their own. However, once in a great while, an issue comes before us that we feel strongly about – one that all members will benefit from, and that is why we are encouraging a YES vote on Question 1. Question 1 will upgrade and expand Old Orchard Beach’s aging wastewater system, which effectively protects clean water, our shoreline and our economy. Those are three things that everyone in Town hold to the highest priority.

Our current wastewater system is outdated and operates near capacity. Right now, it can barely manage the current needs of residents and businesses, putting aside meeting any future infrastructure needs our growing municipality might have.

Without this critical upgrade and expansion, there will inevitably come a time when we cannot add new businesses and new residents to the existing system, which will stifle our steady local economic growth and prosperity in Town. Without improvements to the wastewater system, the purity of our watershed and shoreline is left in an extremely vulnerable state, which is not something we can risk as a community.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we must build a strong infrastructure base from which all future economic growth can rest soundly. If there was ever a time to invest in our community, it is now.

Our beachside Town is one of the premier tourist destinations in North America. Our businesses thrive from it and we as a community must do everything to protect it.

Mike Halle
Old Orchard Beach Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors

To the editor,

As the former assistant town manager in Old Orchard Beach, I like many residents and business owners know that the wastewater system has had several serious issues needing attention by the Town Council who, with their expertise and commitment are addressing these important issues. For the 17 years serving this town, I can confidently say that every single Town Council has raised this as a “critical issue” that needs attention.

When we turn on our faucet we all expect clean water but now we realize that we have to address it and consider the wise investment as well. It is absolutely vital to pass Question 1. Our system operates daily under a risk of serious malfunction. Ignoring this will pose serious problems for us all. I encourage this investment in our town’s infrastructure; our beach, our small businesses and economy, our home values, our health and our environment. Over the years we’ve debated and planned the right solution to this long-term problem. It is important for our town to get this right and I think bond Question #1 does that. The time is right; the financials are right, and we’ve selected the right partners to do the job. Our Town Council has unanimously endorsed a YES vote and I will also.

Louise Reid
Old Orchard Beach

To the editor,

This November, the town of Old Orchard Beach is asking residents to approve Question 1; a $23.5 million bond that would be used to fund long-overdue improvements to our aging wastewater system.

I’m a 27-year resident of Old Orchard Beach, and for even longer than that, I’ve worked in the banking industry. My entire career has centered around helping residents and businesses make good deals and smart investments. Question 1’s bond expenditure makes strong financial sense for taxpayers.

Interest rates are historically low and if there was ever a time to make a large investment in our community, that time is now. The bond will come at 1.5 percent interest for 30 years fixed – costing the average homeowner less than 50-cents per day.

And for almost as long as I’ve been a resident and a banker, our 35-year old wastewater system has needed major improvements. The electrical system is not up to code and four of the pump stations are near capacity. For years, the town has been forced to make “band-aid” fixes just to keep the facility up and running. We’ve been throwing good money at bad problem and we need to finally fund a long term, sustainable solution.

Our community has been debating and discussing this important infrastructure issue for years; the Town Council has unanimously endorsed Questions 1 and we have to invest in Old Orchard Beach. Let’s protect the environment, our economy and our home values now, before we end up in an emergency situation downstream.

Dave Goyet
Old Orchard Beach

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