SCARBOROUGH — Of the two Scarborough State House races up for grabs on Election Day, Nov. 3, an Independent beat out the Democratic incumbent and a Democratic candidate won over the Republican opponent. And Democrats won both State Senate Districts that include Scarborough.

Democrat Kyle Bailey earned 3,709 votes to Republican Robert Densmore’s 2,635 in House District 27, which includes part of Gorham and part of Scarborough.

Independent Sophie Warren garnered 2,544 votes, enough to win over incumbent Democrat Shawn Babine, who had 2,294 votes and Republican Annalee Rosenblatt, getting 1,848 votes for House District 29, which includes part of Scarborough

Incumbent Democrat Chris Caiazzo was unopposed to retain his House District 28 seat.


Bailey, who will be serving his first term in the Legislature has said, “Maine’s economy has rebounded better than any other state’s economy. The restrictions and reopening measures put into place by Gov. Janet Mills have largely contained and prevented the spread of COVID.”

He said the state needs a number of reforms such as tax reform, tax expenditure reform, transportation funding reform, as well as a state economic development plan.


In addition, Bailey said “Generation Z voters believe black lives matter, climate change poses an existential threat, health care is a human right, and common-sense gun safety laws are needed. So do I.”

Warren, also serving her first time in the Legislature said earlier that she ran as an Independent “because I think the two-party system

Sophie Warren

has led to gridlock and divisiveness. I want to work with members of any party, with the goal of serving my district.”

She said she believes the coronavirus will be legislators focus for the next few years. Beyond this,” Warren said, “I think my generation sees climate change as the urgent, existential crisis of our time — a strong belief I share.”

Democrat Anne Carney, handily beat Republican Stephanie Anderson for Senate District 29, which includes Cape Elizabeth and South Portland and part of Scarborough, 16,640 to 8,181.

For Senate District 30, which includes Gorham and part of Scarborough, Democrat Stacy Brenner won over her Republican opponent, Sara Rivard, 14,835 to 12,749.



Brenner, who has no legislative experience, said she thinks the state could “increase our revenue by closing tax loopholes that benefit out-of-state corporations and work to protect the programs that Mainers rely on most during times of crisis.

“Our climate emergency is the most pressing matter,” she said. “The country has been devastated by historic fires and storms. Maine is experiencing a historic drought. We can’t continue with business as usual.”

In addition, Brenner said, “I hope to pass legislation that creates well-paying, local green jobs to give our children the economy and healthy planet they deserve.”

Carney is currently the state representative for House District 30.

Anne Carney

“My legislative work aligns with the priorities of District 29,” she said, which includes “affordable healthcare; economic opportunity and security for Mainers; quality public education; and protecting our environment.”

“This generation is powerfully advocating for climate change mitigation and racial justice,” Carney said. “The urgency of young people is justified; it is they who will suffer the greatest harm if we do not act now.”

She said, “I am determined to overcome partisan divisiveness,” and added, “I will give Maine children access to medical care by expanding our Children’s Health Insurance Program to use all federal matching funds, improve health, and provide financial security to families.”

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