Patricia Rose Fraser

CUMBERLAND – Patricia Rose Fraser was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 10th 1957. Her parents, Josephine Margaret Fraser and James Warren Fraser brought Patricia up in Massachusetts and Maine. They were the best parents in the world. Patricia gave her whole life to Union Mutual Unum Life Ins. Co. for 35 years. She was promoted from clerk, to handling disability claims, to manager, to auditor. Patricia earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Patricia was married to Robert Henry Charlton for 13 years. She was responsible for the failure of that marriage.

Patricia was loved and married to Richard James Burgess for seven years, until things failed. The marriage produced a daughter, who was born three month early and weighed 2.2 pounds, named Deborah Elise Burgess. Patricia had cardiac arrest, seizure, and coma for two days after the birth.

Patricia had Thrombocytosis, since 1990, endured two separate years of Interferon treatment, and bone marrow biopsies every six months for ten years. She further underwent Venofer Procrit treatment for anemia. Patricia was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, a terminal disease, where the bone marrow turns to scar tissue in 2009. Patricia was evaluated for a bone marrow transplant but declined due to the low chances of success. She was on various chemotherapy for that condition. Patricia was reluctantly forced into disability in Sept. 2010.

Patricia is survived by her daughter, Deborah Elise Burgess, her brother, James Michael Fraser, and her old friend, Annette Marilyn Lawrence. Patricia, a lifelong introvert, spent most of her time alone. She recommends any parent with a shy, only child, expose them to weekday daycare, team sports, and instruct the child in social skills before it is too late and they die alone.

Patricia loved singing and acting after being on the Broadway stage to collect autographs after Cats. She was in the play, Renee at the Schoolhouse Arts Center, and the Best of Broadway in 92 at the Portland City Hall Auditorium. Patricia was a published poet and had written much of her own autobiography. She met Christopher Reeve. She went to Europe two times, Quebec, New Brunswick, Mexico, all the states alone the eastern seaboard and California.

Due to Patricia’s lack of friends, a private Mass of Christian Burial will be held at Sacred Heart Church in Yarmouth. Maine. Burial will take place in Moss Side Cemetery in Cumberland, Maine, where Patricia grew up from third grade until high school.

Please send roses to the Lindquist funeral home in Yarmouth, Maine, Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020. Her middle name is Rose. No white roses, as white means death.

This obituary was written by Patricia Rose Fraser.

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Please send donations in her name to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, for Myelofibrosis research.

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