Fortunately, we have science and scientists to help us anticipate and ameliorate the next pestilence or shift in the vital conditions here on Earth. Just as they helped us anticipate the course of the Covid pandemic and counter it with social distancing, face masks, quarantines and vaccines, from what I have heard, the next problem will be the onset of perturbations.

I can report that, while time crystals are thought to exhibit topological order, an emergent phenomenon, in which non-local correlations encoded in the whole wave-function of the system allow for fault tolerance against perturbations, thus allowing quantum states to stabilize against decoherence effects that usually limit their useful lifetime, nevertheless, science indicates that time crystals can allow for fault tolerance against perturbations.

I’m gonna have to get me some of them time crystals before the perturbations set in, and I suggest you all do the same before they’re all sold out. Covid was bad, but perturbations – I just don’t know.

Orrin Frink is a Kennebunkport resident and answers the phone at 207-967-8340 when he feels it is not a robocall or scam artist. He can also be reached at [email protected]


2: a disturbance of motion, course, arrangement, or state of equilibrium; especially a disturbance of the regular and usually elliptical course of motion of a celestial body that is produced by some force additional to that which causes its regular motion.

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