Dorothy Marie Carroll Dolham

WARREN – Beginning at birth on Sept. 16, 1934, Dorothy Marie Carroll Dolham showed a spirit of independence and perseverance in her approach to life.

She met challenge after challenge while growing up in mid-coast Maine. As a child, when she sporadically attended school, she insisted that the teacher allow her to sing yet another new song she had memorized to the whole class. Her parents also had to wait for her return home from school on these days in order to get Ruth, the family pig, to come in from the pasture, as Ruth would only follow Dorothy’s direction.

Following her graduation from Warren High School in 1952, her determined spirit led her to have five children following her marriage to Charlie Dolham. She made it through supporting her husband while he traveled in the service (it’s rumored she may have sold one of his favored cars while he was away) and while he attended college, as well as through their moves, renovations, and building a camp on Great Pond in Belgrade. She spent countless hours traveling to and attending school and sporting events (and some of you know firsthand how long a track meet can be), as well as volunteering with various organizations. She showed her sense of humor via often writing funny poems to others, and planning events such as her brother’s 40th birthday party, honoring the death of his youth, complete with a casket-cake among other props. Dorothy later pursued her interests in learning the antique trade and spending time at the casinos on the “slots” – both of which she approached with fervent dedication.

She showed selfless parenting and support not only while her children were young, but also into their adulthood, staying by their side while they navigated through their own challenges, transitions, and celebrations. She hoped to inspire in them the perspective that you only regret what you don’t do – as she modeled right up to her 75th birthday when she went sky-diving to mark the occasion.

Dorothy, a.k.a. Ginger, finally left us, on Dec. 29, 2020, to strive towards following this outlook in our own ways. Those she left with her legacy include not only her children and their families, Dean Dolham, wife Pat and family, Debbie Pitassi, husband Sam, and family, Donna Dolham, wife Kate Perry, Diane Possee, husband Rick and family, and Dana Dolham, wife Kristina and family, but also her brother Greg Dow, his wife Diane and their family, and many friends.

If folks would like to honor her memory, please feel free to have the option of making a donation to an organization of your choice that supports the safety and wellbeing of children

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