During a time of isolation and restrictions on socializing, what better topic to discuss than community connectivity?

On March 9, Freeport residents can vote to make a significant community connection by voting to support the bond to add bicycle and pedestrian walkways to two new bridges over I-295. The current bridges are to be replaced starting later this year, and Freeport can connect its west side and east side for pedestrians and bicycle traffic for the first time since the 1950s.

The new bridges have a 75-year design life, so your Town Council has unanimously endorsed the plan to add these elements to the $15 million project now so we don’t have to wait another 75 years to have this conversation.

The bridges will be built with or without the bond. It’s up to us to assure there are safe and healthy ways for pedestrians and bicycles to get around to all the great assets in our town. Trails, paths, linkages for all ages are in the works.

You’ll be hearing more about connectivity as we sew all of us back together. Go to connectfreeport.com to learn more about the bridge project and please vote on March 9.

Freeport Town Council
John Egan, Doug Reighley, Tawni Whitney, Jake Daniele, Ed Bradley, Chip Lawrence, Dan Piltch