As a career law enforcement officer I was highly offended by the editorial cartoon that appeared in this paper on April 20, showing an African American expressing fear of being shot as a police cruiser is seen driving by. Perhaps the paper should produce a an editorial showing an officer putting on his bullet proof vest as he prepares for his shift, kissing his wife and hugging his child, promising he will come home safely. I say this because In 2021 alone, 111 officers have died in the line of duty or as a result of duty related events. Thirty-eight of them were themselves murdered at the hands of someone else, all while defending their communities. Where is the public outrage? Where is the media coverage? Police reform and defunding the police are the mantras of the day. Continued demonizing of the police will result in a profession hurting to hire and maintain the very individuals you seek. Be careful what you ask for.
Steven Edmondson,

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