I know we can all agree that it has been a strange, strange year. It seemed like a good time to update you on what’s happening at the Dyer Library and Saco Museum. If you haven’t noticed this, we are open. We have been open nearly the whole time since June 1, 2020, and we will be open going forward. Of course, not everything is the same, but we are moving back toward normal just as quickly as possible.

What’s different? You have to wear a mask and sanitize your hands to visit either the library or the museum. We only have one public access computer at the library (but that is likely to change soon.) You can browse without an appointment, but we don’t have any chairs for you to sit down in. Our public restroom remains closed. We continue to quarantine our materials when they are returned — but given what science has been reporting lately, it seems likely that we will be able to dispense with that very soon.

When you visit the Saco Museum, you’ll find our exhibit of the works of 19th century local artist Gibeon Bradbury still up in the rear gallery. Although Bradbury never quite made the hit parade of famous artists, he painted a good-sized body of attractive work that portrays the local area at a quieter, less developed time. It’s really worth a look!

This winter was a time of extra challenge at the Dyer Library. In February, our main sewer line became horribly, completely blocked, so much so that even one of those snake-out-your-drain companies couldn’t clear it. We were faced with huge costs to dig up the line and replace it. Fortunately, the Public Works Department of the City of Saco came to our rescue. For the mere cost of a couple of dozen donuts and hot coffee — which was desperately needed on a frigid day — they excavated and replaced our line. This seemed like a … well, a miracle! We are so grateful for the support of the city.

Another change at the library is that we have kept the huge annual summer book sale open ever since last July. Now, with thousands and thousands of books remaining, I have to clear the decks for this coming July’s book sale. Consequently, all books, DVDs, audios, children’s books, etc. are $1 a bag! Please come and buy lots. There are so many fine books to choose from and they all need to go in the next two months. The book sale is open when the library is. Bring a mask. We have lots of empty bags.

If you haven’t been in lately, stop by. We missed you!

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