Tina Soucy

GORHAM – Tina Soucy, 54, died of Renal Failure on June 10, 2021.

Tina is survived by her father Alberic Yvon Soucy; her sister, Mayse Kleckner, her children Cody and Tara and husband, Chris; her brother, Mike Soucy, his wife Susan and their child, Aaron; and her twin, Lisa Buzzell, husband Mark and their child Jacob.

She also is survived by four stepchildren, Emily Townsend, Dean Townsend, Katie Conley Audrey Townsend and her son Theo.

She is preceded in death by her mother, Yvette Alice Soucy (Hebert); multiple aunts, uncles and cousins.

Tina was born on March 14, 1967 in Edmunston, NB to parents Alberic and Yvette Soucy.

While growing up, she and her beloved twin spent their summers at the swimming pool and winters at the skating rink. They both played soccer together on the high school grass as well as on the field. Tina also participated in track and field as well as the ski team and was a lifeguard. And like most Madawaska kids, she picked potatoes too.

A little pause for chuckle…(Tina would want us to laugh). Tina and her twin had an agreement that they would always say goodnight to each other no matter what the day brought them. On days when they didn’t quite see eye to eye, this phrase was muttered at bed time so their agreement would always stand…. “If you don’t say goodnight, I’m going to put a snot on your bed.” Eventually goodnight was said by both.

Upon graduating from Madawaska High School in 1985, she attended art school in Connecticut for a semester. She later moved to Portland where she went on to receive her B.S. in education at the University of Maine. While at USM she continued her soccer career.

After USM, she found her passion for teaching. She taught in Gorham and Gray before finding her “home” at Westbrook High School. Tina taught everything from Support Lab to Calculus. Most recently she was teaching Financial Literacy, SAT Prep and College Math. If it was math, it was Tina. She spent her days inspiring and challenging her “kids”. Tina challenged her students to be their best. She wanted every one of them to see their potential. Regardless of the hurdles, she was always there to move them forward. The outpouring of love and support for Tina by her former and present students is a clear indication of the impact she had on the lives around her.

Tina, born in Edmundston, NB was finally naturalized and became an American citizen in July of 2003. Her thought was that she had no intention of living in Canada so she wanted to fully commit her residence to the United States.

Tina was never a girl to sit still. During the summer months, she enjoyed keeping busy working at Guidi’s Diner and Cutters Edge Landscaping. She also continued to work with students who needed support through tutoring. Tina was happiest when she was helping others. She enjoyed being active. She was a runner for many years until her health forced her to walk and hike instead. She loved being outside enjoying the plants, trees, fresh air and the sunshine on her face. She particularly loved sunrises and sunsets, but her heart was fullest when she was saving and loving on cats. Whether the cat was a local cat named Simba who became a mascot and celebrity of Westbrook High School, her own cats, or any feral cat who came to her door, she loved them all. They were definitely her spirit animal. She also worked with Friends of Feral Felines and the local animal shelters and made regular donations to both.

Riding motorcycles was another activity near and dear to her heart. She rode Harleys for years. It was not uncommon to find her on her bike with the mini-ape hanger handlebars or hanging with friends at the local hangout, Bentley’s.

Tina will be remembered for having the most beautiful smile and heart. She had many friends that she considered as close as family and was grateful for each and every one of them for their support and love. She will forever be beside you!

Tina’s family and friends would like to thank Beacon Hospice for walking along side her in this journey and assisting in her comfort and emotional support. An enormous thank you to Wendy Harvey and Peg Gagnon for taking Tina into their home so that she could stay in a homey atmosphere for hospice. She felt SOOOOO loved and cared for. And a big shout out to the staff at Mercy for taking on the endeavor of not only caring for Tina in her final days, but for juggling all the calls and visitors that came through!

There will be a small graveside service in Madawaska to be announced at a later date. In southern Maine we will be putting together a celebration of life and will post information on her FaceBook page.

Online condolence messages can be submitted at the Chad E. Poitras Cremation and Funeral Service website, https://www.mainefuneral.com/

Donations can be made on her behalf, in lieu of flowers to any of the following:

Westbrook High School for the Tina Soucy Scholarship

Make check payable to

Westbrook High School.

Memo: Tina Soucy Scholarship.

125 Stroudwater St.,

Westbrook, ME 04092

Attn: Sue Bailey Friends of Feral Felines:

Make check payable to

Friends of Feral Felines.

Memo: In honor of

Tina Soucy.

651 Forest Ave.

Portland, ME 04101

Westbrook Animal Shelter

Make check payable to:

Animal Refuge League.

Memo: In honor of

Tina Soucy.

217 Landing Rd.

Westbrook, ME 04092

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