Wild Seed Project has launched its 1,000 Native Trees Campaign to inspire Mainers to plant 1,000 native trees by the spring of 2022 in support of its recently launched Pledge to Rewild program.

The new campaign honors founder Heather McCargo and “promotes positive environmental change by planting native trees around homes and businesses, in parks and other public open spaces, along city streets and highway medians, and even in parking lot islands,” according to the organization.

“Native trees offer environmental benefits beyond four-season beauty — purifying air, providing cooling shade in hot weather; storing atmospheric carbon, minimizing flooding and stormwater runoff, and sustaining pollinators, birds, and other vital wildlife,” the organization said in a prepared statement.

Campaign participants are asked to use a form at wildseedproject.net/1000-native-trees to report their tree-planting plans and location.

The campaign is one part of Wild Seed Project’s ambitious Pledge to Rewild program, which aims  to restore native plants to 70 percent of Maine landscapes.

For more information, visit wildseedproject.net.