It’s back. Actually, it never really left, it just mutated. Large numbers of the American public, it seems, are content pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory with regard to the coronavirus. When asked why they won’t get vaccinated, their responses vary from the sublime – medical health issues – to the ridiculous – the virus is fake.

All the “low hanging vaccination fruit” in our country has been “jabbed.” Currently, about 50 percent of Americans remain unvaccinated. We need to find a way to get through to this group before the rest of us are forced to suffer the consequences; potential renewed mask mandates and strains on our hospital system and its workers.

These persons should make no mistake – the virus will find you. There are two ways to achieve immunity against the virus. The first way, the easy way, is to get a free vaccination administered by a health care professional at a time and place of your choosing and perhaps endure a day of discomfort after the second shot. The second way is to let the virus “vaccinate” you, also free of charge, at a time and place of its choosing, then have to endure perhaps weeks of sickness with the potential for hospitalization.

The longer we allow the COVID-19 virus to replicate, unchecked, the greater the probability that it will mutate into an even more virulent and vaccine-resistant form than the delta variant. That’s what viruses do, and they’re good at it. They’ve been doing it for hundreds of millions of years.

Samuel Rosenthal

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