Aurora Grace Henry, born Aug. 6 to Brandon Henry and Lorena Dennehy of Auburn. Grandparents are Janey Edmonds, Roger Clark, Erin Shaughnessy and Charles Henry, all of Auburn. Great-grandparents are Edward Fallon and Dorothy Edmonds of Boston and Arthur Shaughnessy, Ann Henry and Eileen Shaughnessy, all of Buxton.


Charlie Winn Huskey, born to Aug. 10 Avery Beth Bintliff and Joshua Daniel Huskey of Dresden. Grandparents are Roger Bintliff of Dresden, Beth Woodmancy of Brunswick, and Melissa and Jay Huskey of Jacksonville, Fla. Great-grandparents are Pamela and Dan Woodson, Leslie Stoddard and Charles Woodmancy.

Raelynn Grace Lewis, born Aug. 14 to Adelina Lewis and Dylan Small of Boothbay. Grandparents are Angela Dunning and Brett Lewis of Boothbay. Great-grandparents are Hope and John Dunning of Wiscasset.

Zevadiah Roman Whitney-Barber, born Aug. 14 to Jasper Thomas Barber and Jenifer Rie Whitney of Brunswick. Grandparents are Kevin and Jody Whitney of Topsham.

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