Though disgusting, it’s not surprising that CMP’s new PAC, Mainers For Fair Laws, is spending over $300,000 on deceptive TV ads in its desperation to convince Maine voters that it is in their best interest to reject Question 1 in November.

Interestingly, this new organization is tackling the issue by attempting to separate Question 1 from the real issue at hand, which is the deeply unpopular CMP Corridor.

Mainers are already aware that this billion-dollar boondoggle, bringing dirty energy from a scandalous, government-owned energy producer in Canada through Maine’s heartland to Massachusetts is not in our interest. Mainers won’t be hoodwinked into believing that this referendum question would impact roadwork and other infrastructure – ever.

In CMP and Hydro-Quebec’s profit-driven panic, they’ve conjured up a false narrative to stir up fear in voters.

Question 1 is narrowly limited to:

1. High impact transmission lines more than 50 miles long and any in the Upper Kennebec region


2. Retroactivity only goes back to the date the petition was filed

3. Reaffirming the current constitutional provision for Maine public lands

CMP’s new ads, under this new shell organization, reflect its ongoing deceitful strategy to divert voters from the TRUTH that this referendum PROTECTS Maine lands, people and future.

But then again, what else would you expect from the least trusted and lowest rated utility in America? CMP and Hydro-Quebec care about one thing and one thing only – their bottom line.

Vote YES on Question 1 to reject the CMP Corridor!

Joan Saxe