The community park on Graziano Square in Lisbon. Contributed

After two years of construction, the community park on Lisbon’s Graziano Square is nearing completion and will be ready for public use before October’s end.

Lisbon Parks and Recreation Director Mark Stevens said the project remains on track, and the fencing work around the park will start on Sept. 21.

“We are on the Village Street, and we will put the fence along the State Route 196. Once the fencing work is completed, which will take about a week, we will be setting up picnic tables and benches,” said Stevens.

While the landscaping work will start soon on the site, the air irrigation system, and electric poles, are already in place. New concrete sidewalks have been put on State Route 196 and the Village area surrounding Graziano Square with the help of a state grant.

The park also includes parking space for the village businesses that can accommodate 12 to 15 cars. There is an area for food trucks as well.

The town had earmarked $75,000 on this project, said Stevens.


The landmark restaurant Graziano’s Casa Mia was leveled in March 2013. The business closed in March 2012 after a 43-year run because the Graziano family could no longer operate such a large building.

The officials are also planning to build a gazebo for live music in the Spring, and the design will pay homage to Graziano’s Casa Mia restaurant, which had a boxing theme.

The Graziano’s were always involved in making Lisbon a better community to live in, added Steven.

“This park will be the beginning of a domino effect that will take place in the Lisbon village,” said Stevens. “For many years, Lisbon Falls has seemed to have gotten a lot of projects and attention, and with Lisbon residents feeling left out, this project will bring a life of its own.”

Stevens added that other organizations would see this as an opportunity to grow, and he hopes the rest of the Village Street will improve by next year.

“It’s a great opportunity for Lisbon residents to see positive improvements in their part of the town,” said Stevens.

The town plans to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony in honor of the Graziano family sometime in October. However, the dates are yet to be finalized.

“I think the community park is a great opportunity for local people to enjoy, especially for people who want to walk or have a little picnic. I think it will be a great area of remembrance to our family,” said Mary Graziano Richard, a Graziano family member.

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