Vote Trapini-Huff for School Board

To the editor,

I wanted to put in a good word for Jillian Trapini-Huff.

She is running for Scarborough school board.

We are electing three people to the school board this fall in Scarbrough.

I think she would be a great choice as one of them.

Jillian is smart, informed, hard-working, conscientious, and very funny. She is just what we need and local government. She will work hard to maintain relationships with stakeholders and other members on the board.

Absentee ballots be available at Town hall now through October 28th. I will be getting one in voting for Jillian Trapini- Huff for school board. Thank you.

Erin Currie

To the editor,

These past years of public health crisis and social reckoning have shown Scarborough that it is essential for our institutions to progress and advance towards a safe and equitable future for all.

This November, Scarborough voters have the chance to advance existing efforts in the Scarborough Public Schools by selecting School Board candidates who bring much-needed expertise, empathy, and integrity to the Board.

With this in mind, I urge my fellow Scarborough residents to mark their ballots for Jillian Trapini-Huff for Scarborough School Board.

She’s smart, she’s capable, she’s collaborative — and she’ll ensure that our school district is responsive to the values, beliefs and priorities of our evolving community.

Please join me in casting your vote for Jillian Trapini-Huff.

Abigail Henry

To the editor,

On November 2nd I will be voting for Jillian Trapini-Huff for Scarborough School Board. I can personally attest to the dedication that Jillian has to our public schools. Having served on several volunteer committees with Jillian, I know that she is highly motivated to gather information from all perspectives, she values transparency, and she works diligently to understand the complex issues facing our community. Having spent significant time in our schools, Jillian is ready to hit the ground running once elected.

Jillian is dedicated to researching and staying current on education policy and always strives to be an informed member of our community. I can always rely on her to have read up on a topic, and I value her opinion when seeking to form my own positions on issues.

Jillian’s unique strengths make her highly qualified to serve our students. She will be an outstanding advocate for our children. Please join me in supporting Jillian Trapini-Huff for Scarborough School Board.

April Sither

To the editor,

On October 4, absentee ballots became available in the Scarborough school board election. I urge everybody to obtain one and use it to vote for one of my best friends Jill Trapini-Huff.

I think she’d be a great member. She has four children so she knows the school system well. She is married and has older in-laws so she is tuned in to family life and the challenges it brings to all of us. We need somebody who can continue to not only be vigilant about issues we face in Scarborough schools but someone who has a passion to listen and strives to make a difference in our community. She is creative and thoughtful and loves to hear and understand different perspectives.

On November 2, I hope you vote for Jillian Trapini-Huff. I know I will!

Brittany Skidmore

High School turf needs renovation

To the editor,

Please join me in supporting the $1.9M Track and Turf Replacement Bond on the ballot this November. It is five years past it’s useful life, and while appropriate maintenance has occurred, it is now time for replacement. Soon, it will be unusable due to safety risks and will have a devastating impact on our community.

The track and turf is one of the few places our community can gather. It’s used by many individuals and businesses and enables programming to all of our residents. It’s where you can gather on a brisk fall evening to cheer on our high school football team or go for a friendly jog on the weekend with your friends.

If we don’t replace it soon, the Town and Schools will need to find alternative sites to support programming at an additional cost. It’s unfortunate it wasn’t approved in 2019 when costs were much lower – let’s learn from that and support it this time.

Please check out the Town’s Website to learn more and join me in voting yes. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this editorial do not reflect an official position of the Town Council.

Jon Anderson

Support for Texas ‘heartbeat bill’

To the editor,

Sen. Brenner’s recent article defending “reproductive healthcare” and her own abortions saddened me.

Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973; I was an impressionable pro-choice high school student. We were all assured that abortion would be ‘safe, legal, and rare.’ Millions of abortions and broken hearts later, time would prove that wrong.

How is ending the life of an unborn child reproductive? How is it healthcare? Let’s be honest. Killing any unborn child is grim and heartbreaking.

Many are asking, “Does the Texas “heartbeat bill” affect Maine?” Yes! While the courts will decide whether the law stands, this bill brings into focus something that could help our society have a change of heart.

My mother was a love child. In today’s world, perhaps my grandmother would have chosen to stop the heart beating in her womb. After all, we’re told having a baby at the wrong time is inconvenient and inconsequential, and, besides, it is more important to help save the world without the encumbrance of unplanned children, right? Instead, my mom was given the gift of life.

This year was hard for my mom. COVID-19 delayed cancer surgery, which led to complications. Her heart was weak, but her spirit was valiant. My mother fought to live every day, and we wept when her heartbeat stopped.

As I watch people justify their own abortions and cavalierly convince others that it is simply a woman’s right to choose, I wish they would choose to listen quietly for a moment and place their hand on their own heart. That rhythmic heartbeat is the sound of life. When it stops, a life has ended.

Heather Sirocki

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