Nicola “Nikki” Aceto

SOUTH PORTLAND – Nikki Aceto, who passed away Oct. 5, 2021, fought hard for seven months against a rapid case of ALS with her daughter, Adriana, caring for her at home by her side. This disease spontaneously struck her and her daughter by surprise and together they fought their hardest to conquer.

Nikki was the world’s most devoted and nurturing mother. With a smile and embrace that could truly melt your heart. It was just her and Adriana since the day her daughter was born and together they formed quite an inseparable bond.

Nikki was a strong, natural born leader whom held many high ranked positions in her working life. She motivated others with her bubbly personality, strength and compassion all combined into one. She was the total package.

She was also an adventure seeker, a health and fitness advocate and an animal lover.

Her fearless and heart-warming spirit is kept fully alive by her daughter, a personal trainer at World Gym in Portland who says:

“I am everything I am and more, because of my Mom and all she taught me growing up. She not only set positive, healthy examples for me, yet showered me with nothing but pure, unconditional love. The love that is only held between a mother and her daughter. She is my angel and saving grace”.

Her other companions at home are a 9-year-old tabby cat named Mango and a 13-week-old Golden Retriever puppy named Nikki Jr., whom Adriana gifted to her three weeks before her passing.

“I know my Mom’s spirit lives in little Nikki Jr. She loves dogs and I wanted to do something special for her. Today, if it weren’t for this pup I don’t know how I would be coping”. We love you, Mom.

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