Q: You’re coming out of college after your senior year at the University of Virginia. When did the Celtics contact you about potentially joining their team?

Sam Hauser: They called me as the 60th pick was happening in the NBA draft, and said they wanted to offer me a two-way. I probably accepted it about 25 minutes later, and 2 days later I was on my way to Boston for Summer League. So it happened pretty fast but that’s how excited I was.

Q: You then went on to have an impressive run at Summer League. How important was that to you?

Very. Playing well on that stage just showed that I’m ready to make the jump to the next level. I think overall Summer League is great experience to get the overall feeling of the NBA style of play and get a chance to play with some of the guys on the Boston Celtics roster as well.

Q: What did you know about Maine before you got here?

The people that I had spoken to had nothing but good things to say about Portland and from what I’ve heard about the community, they support the Maine Celtics and our team, and I’m just looking forward to it. I do like seafood – shrimp, lobster, crab, scallops. Any type of fish, really.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Maximizing my opportunity in the time that I get here. I’m able to show more to my game while I’m in Maine, and hopefully the way I play will complement the big dogs down in Boston. I hope I can show what I can do here and help at the next level. Also, win a lot of games here in Maine, which I believe we can do.