The Yarmouth Town Council chairwoman’s attempt for a revote on a proposal to allow backyard chickens in town failed last week, effectively ending more than a month of debate on the issue.

The action came following the council’s 3-3 rejection last month of a proposal to allow six female chickens on lots of up to 1 acre and 12 female chickens on larger lots.

Chairwoman April Humphrey and Councilors Michelle Cromarty and Robert Waeldner said they voted against the plan because they wanted chickens to be confined to specific areas of the owners’ property at all times, a measure that was not included in the proposal voted on. Waeldner was also in support of requiring fencing around pens and for henhouses to be located 20 or more feet away from residences, also not part of the proposal.

Cromarty had suggested a second proposal, allowing allowing up to six female hobby chickens on a single parcel of residential land, but that was voted down 6-0 July 15. Humphrey then requested a revote on original proposal, but the council turned down that request 5-1. Council rules allow a councilor who voted in the majority to request a revote.






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