A written ballot question that will be decided by Kennebunkport voters in June would permit the town to place internally lit signs on town-owned properties.

Dan King photo

Fred: Hey, Doug, have you heard about the Town wanting to put up electronic signs?

Doug: Well no, but why?

Fred: I don’t know.

Doug: How much will they cost?

Fred: No one said.


Doug: How many will there be?

Fred: Don’t know.

Doug: Will they run all day and all night?

Fred: It’s a mystery.

Doug: Will they flash and blink or just stay lit up?

Fred: No one knows.


Doug: How much electricity will they use?

Fred: Now you are making me feel bad.

Doug: What’s wrong with the wooden signs on wheels, the ones you pop the letters on? Or the hand-painted signs that hang from the little hooks, the ones that sway in the breeze? They seem to fit the character of the community better than a commercial sign like you see on the turnpike.

Fred: You are piling on me now.

Doug: Hey, where are you going in such a hurry?

Fred: To pick up my absentee ballot. You have created all kinds of uncertainty in my mind about these new electronic signs. I’ll feel better once I vote “no.”

Doug: Don’t feel bad. At least it wasn’t your idea.

Susan Graham is a Kennebunkport resident. She can be reached at [email protected]

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