We all knew and you didn’t?

To the editor,

The Supreme Court failed us. Science and innovation change societal choices and language. Overruling Roe because the Constitution omits abortion as a right and its practice lacks a 100-year history of public affirmation and social acceptance is wrong.

No document written by a bunch of white guys 237 years ago, however enlightened, can be strictly interpreted to the extent that contemporary language and concepts are beyond consideration and expect it to remain a useful document. If not a Living Document, it’s a Dead Document.

Elasticity is its genius, lost with strict interpretation devoid of regard for current, salient facts to discern what is fair and right in the present day, and most embodies the Founding Fathers’ democratic intentions.

Myopic “originalism” has imperiled gay marriage and contraception by putting changes, unimagined by our Founding Fathers, beyond the court’s purview, fundamentally changing the nature of our constitutional rights.


We cherish our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We fiercely guard our right to make our most personal decisions and conduct our affairs.

Vote this narrow-minded minority out. Your right to choose when to start a family, whom you can love, whom you can marry, to conduct your affairs without undue interference is in their crosshairs. Their thinking will permeate all important issues in our towns, schools and state for years. Mitigate their effect by rising up, speaking out and putting broad-minded, tolerant candidates in office and in local positions of influence.

Prepare to fight right now. In your town and in our state.

Be loud. Be persistent. Be local. Know your candidates.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Jane Card,

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