Where is Saco’s future?

To the editor,

There is an old driving adage about the risk of driving forward while looking in the rear-view mirror. Some citizens in town fear any forward vision. They would rather demonize policy, process, and those elected officials brave enough to see the past, while embracing opportunities for a better future. They encourage the division and hate all the while claiming to be the gracious benefactors of Saco.

Their latest effort attempts to make residents believe City Councilors have a right to choose committee and board appointments. This is solely the authority given to our elected Mayor by the City’s Charter.

The mayor has few responsibilities: city’s CEO; facilitating meetings; and committee/board member appointments. And, a vote, only when and if the city council or school board has a tie. This same group is laying a foundation to rewrite these few items governed by the City Charter.

A few dozen residents want control of our city. They have proven, repeatedly, they will infer anything immoral to steer the public perception. Ask Ward 5 residents. Pushed out was a councilor in a reputation smearing campaign reminiscent of the McCarthy era.

Zoning changed to kill the Flatley development of housing; only to create a bigger problem with the current developer. Now they want a moratorium on all new construction to stop this new housing development. Rumors of a pending, falsely based, Mayoral recall to create more division in the city.

Sunshine on their actions is the best disinfectant!

Barbara Colman

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