Vote yes on library expansion

To the editor,

When I moved to Scarborough in 2017 I quickly joined the library. I was welcomed and stimulated by the caring staff and wonderful programs including an excellent book club. My commitment to the library led me to join its Board of Trustees so I am now able to participate in bringing this amazing service to our neighbors.

It matters to me to live in a town which values literacy and brings us together in productive ways. With an expanded library we can offer more services to children and teens, open up more meeting spaces and be able to see our Library Staff in adequate and safer working conditions. Our collections will be fully accessible once again.

The newly expanded library will cost the average household about $34 a year — less than a tank of gas! I will vote an enthusiastic YES in November.

Judy Johnson
Library Board of Trustees


To the editor,

The proposed expansion of the Scarbough Public Library is appropriately sized for the largest Town in Maine. At 0.58 sf/per capita, the current facility is the smallest library of any comparable community in the State. The proposed expansion would raise the size to 1.58 sf/per capita, still very much the middle of the pack, size-wise.

A “No” vote will not result in a Plan B sized library project that will satisfy the self-appointed taxpayer watchdogs. A “No” vote kills both the project and the library’s ability to privately raise $3 million dollars. Some who should know better persist in the deception that a Plan B smaller building is an alternative possibility. It is not.

Due to ‘recency bias,’ a defeated plan remains just that. The library will not be able to get on another ballot with a design of any size for at least any time soon.

Kate Borduas

Support Brenner for Senate District 30


To the editor,

We recently moved to Gorham and into Sen. Stacy Brenner’s district. I met Sen. Brenner during one of the legislative sessions her committee was conducting on environmental issues in Maine. I also had a separate conversation with her, and quickly came to understand how intelligent and driven she is as a senator. She was well versed on the topic, knew the details and was clearly very passionate about its impact on Mainers.

On top of being a senator, Stacy is a farmer, operating a farm just up the street from where we live. She is also a nurse. I feel she’s an outstanding member of the community, with a good perspective on life as a Mainer, and I believe she’s a good force in Augusta.

Patrick McKeown

To the editor,

I support Stacy Brenner for state senator. For the past 20 years, Stacy has worked and lived in Scarborough, fostering relationships and providing valuable land stewardship and leadership in the local farming community.


I have long admired Stacy’s work ethic and commitment to building and growing a sustainable Maine farm that employs 30+ people. When my husband and I first started hobby farming, Stacy was there for us with her expertise, knowledge, and passion for land stewardship — as she is there for all of us who seek advice and help.

In addition, Stacy is a strong defender of women’s reproductive rights. From her time as a nurse-midwife to her current legislative service record, she has consistently sought to provide care and access to reproductive health care for Mainers.

Audra Sinclair

When I moved from Portland to Scarborough five years ago the library was a huge selling point for me. But I knew very few people who actually lived in Scarborough when I moved here. Through the library, I soon started to make connections in the community by attending various lectures as well as the Monday movie matinees, which were mobbed in pre-pandemic days. It was clear that the library needed more space. That was also clear in the fall of 2017, a few months after I moved to Scarborough and lost power for almost a week. many of us were waiting for one of the computer desks at the library to be free to access the internet.

I’m an avid reader and book lover, but the Scarborough Public Library is about so much more than books. It has been a lifeline for me. Please Vote YES for the expansion.

Barbara Kapp


Re-elect Anne Carney to State SD 29

To the editor,

I am writing in support of Anne Carney, candidate for re-election in State Senate District 29. I have known Anne for over 20 years and have been impressed with her work as a legislator, an attorney and a community volunteer.

As a member of the Maine Legislature, Anne has worked tirelessly to make health care affordable for all Mainers, including recent legislation that makes health care for new mothers available for a full year after childbirth.

Anne has also been a leader in environmental protection legislation. She worked hard to ensure passage of laws to clean up harmful emissions from oil terminals and ban out of state demolition debris from our state owned landfill.

Anne’s experience and understanding of the issues make her extremely well qualified to serve as District 29’s senator.

I urge you to vote for Anne Carney in the Nov. 8 election.

Patricia M. Dunn