The recent letter by Rep. Sophie Warren (“Climate change solutions a priority in Legislature,” Jan. 20) cheered me on to no end. She is facing the climate crisis straight on and I feel confident she will not equivocate. At stake is a livable planet. Nature gives more than a hint: the number of billion-dollar climate-based catastrophes has increased 5-9 times since 1980. We saw this coming even in the 19th century.To Rep. Warren, here are two suggestions: Help your citizens take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act. There are solid rebates or tax credits for sources such as heat pumps (which do work in the cold), home insulation, electric vehicles and more. As much as $1,800 per year might be saved if we electrify.Two, the most effective thing a citizen can do is to vote for climate-friendly national candidates. There are carbon pricing/cash-back bills that would cut emissions at rates equal to the IRA hitting our 50% cuts by 2030.Who is on the side of a livable planet? We can consult the League of Conservation Voters at you, Rep. Warren.

Jan Freed
Los Angeles, California