Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I am being bamboozled by Central Maine Power. I think people are much smarter than CMP thinks.

We just went through yet another major storm, and it’s the same old story in my neck of the woods: The power went down and stayed down. Evidently, flip a switch and they’re not there.

CMP is owned by a huge corporation with oodles of money. Every evening, when I turn on the news, I see at least two or three commercials, paid for by CMP, warning about a takeover of our power. This company would be owned by us, the people of Maine.

Televised commercials are expensive, and who is paying for these? Does Pine Tree Power have that kind of money? Of course not. The elephant in the room has all the money and power (no pun intended). We, the people, do not.

Corporate profit vs. public ownership? That one is easy. Vote for Pine Tree Power this fall.

Kathy D’Agostino

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