In response to the May 23 letter to the editor “Taking more from high earners is theft,” I wish to clarify how the “left” feels about how Social Security is taken from workers’ earnings.

Currently, 6.2% of earnings are paid into Social Security from our wages, with a capped amount of wages at this time being $168,000. After that, high earners don’t pay any more out of their earnings into Social Security. So, the person cutting the high earners’ grass, teaching their children, providing day care for their kiddos, working in their supermarkets, repairing their cars, even doing their taxes is paying the 6.2% on their earnings, while people making over $168,000 have a capped amount deducted. This gives the high earners more of their earnings, letting them invest more, save more and spend more.

Let’s remove the cap or, at the very least, lower it. It’s called “fair share.”

Elizabeth O’Connor

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