More red, white

and blue needed

Opening my copy of the Post on Friday, May 24, and I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed with the observance (or lack thereof) of Memorial Day. The front page of the Post should have been plastered in red, white, and blue but instead it presented itself as any other edition. How about a feature story highlighting a local war hero, or honor any Maine veteran with a little ink?

The men and women who fought for our enjoyed freedoms in this nation couldn’t even get the respect of one paragraph? Really? Thankfully, Cape Porpoise Kitchen penned the only salute to the “Home of the Brave” in the edition. And, no, I don’t work there or anything, it’s just the truth.

Parades are made possible by the hard work of many. Band students and teachers, twirlers, police and fire departments, service men and women, organizers, volunteers and everyone in between come together (even in the drizzly, dreary cold) to march collectively in multiple parades representing our patriots. It’s embarrassing that our three-towns newspaper made no mention of said parades, times, or travel routes should anyone reading their copy desire to attend one or pay their respects.

Now, I know we are only a few days away from Pride Month where town and media headlines become flooded for 30 days paying homage to the brave, but it scares me that our true heroes are getting the squeeze and their two days of remembrance are starting to go unnoticed. We probably wouldn’t have the luxury to be talking about next month or any month celebrating a select group of people if it wasn’t for our veterans.


Our future generations need to know that. So, I guess my hope in this self-absorbed world, is that we can keep our eyes fixed forward whilst looking in the rear-view mirror and paying respect when it’s due. Just something to think about. And who knows, maybe as I’m writing this, a few photos from Monday’s parade are making the cut.

Colby Millikin



Solar panels cost

neutral at best?


I am sitting here reading the article in the April 26,2024 issue about the “remarkable” solar results at Norway Savings.

However, there is no data presented to substantiate these remarkable results. Surely, the editor can do a better job and request that reporters who make such grandiose claims support their position with actual data?

OK, there is a 30% savings in electricity for the branch. That’s great? Maybe? Or, it could actually be nothing. Thirty percent of what?

What was the cost of the solar panels with installation? What is the useful life of the solar panels? What is annual maintenance and repair? Where do solar panels go when they are no longer used? How much carbon was used in production and installation of the panels?

In reality, the solar panels may be cost neutral at best. Maybe with a multitude of overcast sunless days and unforeseen repairs they may actually be worse.

In any case, please don’t publish such grand claims without actual data in the future.

Chris Wood


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