To all citizens of Westbrook,

Please don’t be misled. The site plan standards to be reviewed by the City Council on Aug. 1 are not “restrictions” designed to discourage economic development, or keep out a particular company. They are reasonable and appropriate “standards” that respect and consider the people of our community, their quality of life, and the largest investment most of us have, our homes. None of these precious and vital assets of our community should be sacrificed, even partially, just so that somebody can build a bigger store. It really is as simple as that. Please don’t fall for all the high-priced spin. While required landscaping and appropriate buffers may be “unused space” to a corporation or developer, it is “well-used space” to human beings living in our community. Please let the council know you support your neighbors. The next predatory development could be close to you.

Eileen Shutts

Monroe Avenue

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