WESTBROOK – A charge alleging a former Westbrook Fire Department call company captain obstructed the report of a crime has been placed on file.

Richard Dorr, 38, of Westbrook, was scheduled to have a jury chosen for his trial in Cumberland County Superior Court the week of Nov. 15. The trial, though, never occurred, and prosecutors placed Dorr’s case on file.

That means that, as long as Dorr commits no criminal acts within the next 12 months, the charge will be dismissed. Tamara Getchell, a spokeswoman for the Cumberland County District Attorney, said the district attorney could seek prosecution on the charge if Dorr breaks the agreement.

Court documents state he also was required to pay $300 for a day’s worth of court costs as part of the agreement.

Westbrook police arrested Dorr on June 22 on Vivian Street following an investigation into domestic violence allegations.

He was originally charged with criminal threatening and obstructing the report of a crime, police said. Prosecutors later dropped the threatening charge.

The obstruction charge alleged Dorr prevented his wife from accessing a telephone to make a report to law enforcement, according to court documents.

Dorr was originally placed on leave following his arrest and was later fired. He was one of several firefighters disciplined in June during the city’s attempts to clean up the department.

His arrest indirectly led to legal troubles for former full-time firefighter James Gammon, whom Dorr was living with at the time of his domestic violence arrest.

While investigating Dorr, police learned Gammon had firearms at his home. He was prohibited from owning guns due to a previous felony conviction of robbery in 1983.

Gammon, 47, of 548 Methodist Road, is also no longer with the fire department. He is scheduled for a court hearing this month.

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