To the Editor:

Please join me in supporting Fred Horch of the Green Independent Party to represent District 66 in the Maine House.

Many folks believe that Green Party candidates prioritize environmental issues above all other concerns, such as the economy, good jobs and health care. This could not be further from the truth.

Among the founding principles of the Green Party are support for grassroots democracy, social and economic justice, decentralization and community based economics.

The Green Party works toward a future in which social, economic and environmental needs are seen as equally important aspects of a healthy society. Many current policies address only one of these aspects without regard to the other two. This is a critical difference between the Green Party and the Republican and Democratic parties.

We can’t, for example, sustain a strong economy when it is based on destroying the environment or when young people do not have the skills to take on new jobs. We can’t have good health care when we are releasing toxic chemicals into our air and water.

We desperately need independent thinkers in office who are not beholden to the mainstream political parties. Fred Horch is just such a person. His vision includes redeveloping the base property to bring long-term, good jobs to Brunswick and potentially to the state at large. He believes in improving public transportation, supporting small businesses and working families, promoting our downtown, strengthening the local economy, supporting education and transitioning to energy independence.

These actions are forwardthinking and position our community to thrive into the future. Having known Fred personally for many years, I can say he is a person of great integrity who will bring careful thought and leadership to all issues.

Sarah Wolpow