To the Editor:

Once again this morning as I drove out the entrance road for Mid Coast Hospital, I was almost hit head-on by a car drifting across the center line as it sped around a curve toward the hospital, no doubt driven by someone frantic to reach a loved one in crisis or the Emergency Room.

Medical Center Drive, which makes no less than two full 90- degree turns as well as several lesser curves between Bath Road and the hospital, ranks to my mind as the single most dangerous street in Brunswick. I have never driven it in winter without seeing skid marks from vehicles that have slid off the street and into the snow banks, and today was not the first time oncoming traffic had nearly lost control on one of the curves.

Whoever designed the entrance road was obviously unfamiliar with Maine weather and the psychological state of many of the people using it. It raises serious questions of the presumably local people who approved the design. I have been told that the design reflects the need to avoid wetlands. If true, then obviously the hospital itself was poorly sited to begin with and should have been located elsewhere.

It is highly ironic that the hospital allows such a dangerous situation to persist. Doesn’t it have enough business already?

Jeffrey D. Clark