BUXTON – Four candidates in Buxton are vying in the election on Tuesday, June 11, for two seats on the Board of Selectmen.

All veterans in the political area, the candidates for both three-year terms are Peter E.W. Burns, Clifford L. Emery, Dianne M. Senechal and Ronald E. Usher. Senechal, chairwoman of the board, and Emery, vice chairman, are incumbents. The American Journal provided each candidate an opportunity to write about the issues.

Peter E.W. Burns

Age: 67

Occupation: Retired

Political experience: Eight years on Buxton Budget Committee; one three-year term on Board of Selectman; former chairman of the board.

Q: What is the No. 1 issue in Buxton?

A: I believe the biggest issue facing Buxton today is the uncertainty in Augusta on how to fund the next biennium. The next town budget was put together with certain assumptions that may or may not be true based on the state budget, which won’t be settled until after Buxton’s town meeting. If the state cuts or eliminates revenue sharing and, or other funding that goes to the towns, Buxton faces the choice of a big increase in property taxes or severe cut in services. Augusta has a spending problem, not Buxton.

Q: Why do you want to be a selectman?

A: I am a third-generation resident of Buxton and I feel it is a duty and a privilege to give back to the community. Since I left office I have had many residents and employees ask me to run again. I believe that voters should have choices at the polls and I will be one of those choices.

Clifford L. Emery

Age: 59

Occupation: Self-employed excavating contractor

Political experience: Budget Committee six years; selectman 18 years, serving several times as its chairman.

Q: What is the No. 1 issue in Buxton?

A: Trying to keep the tax rate manageable while providing basic needs of the community.

Q: Why do you want to be a selectman?

A: With the experience I have, I know I can make good decisions and good choices to keep the town moving forward.”

Dianne M. Senechal

Age: Not supplied

Occupation: Retired; current selectwoman

Political experience: Nine years working as Buxton town office as selectmen’s assistant; three years as selectman, with last 12 months as chair.

Q: What is the No. 1 issue in Buxton?

A: Maintaining services while overseeing budgets to keep taxes affordable.”

Q: Why do you want to be a selectman?

A: Maintain continuity on the board having already served for three years and know the issues facing the town.

Ronald E. Usher

Age: 74

Occupation: Retired

Political experience: Westbrook City Council six years; state representative 10 years; state Senate 12 years.

Q: What is the No. 1 issue in Buxton?

A: Making sure it is fiscally responsible and protecting the people. This is a fast-growing town, adjustments are necessary; and protecting our educational system.

Q: Why do you want to be a selectman?

A: Community service is in my system. I really enjoy assisting people with issues and making sure their tax dollars are being used properly. Involvement gives a person good feelings.

Peter E.W. BurnsDianne M. SenechalRonald E. UsherClifford L. Emery

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