Congress must listen to the 400,000 who joined the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sept. 21. Worldwide, over 700,000 demonstrated, in the largest climate rally in history.

We can’t keep recycling the same old incumbents. Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ record shows that she’s no leader on climate change. She’s voted against green economy legislation, against creation of a carbon fee, against cap and trade. She’s voted to delay greenhouse gas regulations.

Her lifetime League of Conservation Voters score is a dismal 67 percent. Worst of all, she proudly supports the tar sands Keystone Pipeline. She has not objected to the possible reversal of the Portland Pipe Line, bringing tar sands crude to Casco Bay.

Susan Collins accepts big money from Big Oil.

Democrat Shenna Bellows gets it. Bellows is an environmentalist whose words match her actions. Collins claims to accept the concept of climate change, but her votes tell a different story.

Linda Dumey


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