Re: “Second-year outlook brightens for Portland-to-Nova Scotia ferry service” (April 29):

It’s great to hear optimistic news about the upcoming season for the Nova Star, and I look forward to similar cheer from the news media on our side of the water.

The government of Nova Scotia has invested an enormous amount in this service. Our economy is in a mess, and our very limited tax base has to cope with a demand that is impossible to address to any degree of satisfaction. We need help.

Businesses in Portland and the rest of the state of Maine need to reflect on how the service helped them last year, and to think about its potential to boost your economy.

Then they need to educate the Maine public and start pressing politicians at all levels to provide more substantial and more sincere support than they have shown to date.

More than once, your governor has promised to arrange some financing from his end. The promises have consistently been followed by no action and dead silence. It is long past time for him to honor his commitment.

John Sollows

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia