Thank you for the Feb. 14 editorial, “Our View: LePage shows little interest in governing.”

It was a relief for me to read this. It was also a wake-up call. I have become so used to the governor’s antics that I may have begun to turn a blind eye. He is just so exasperating!

You nailed it for me when you said that Gov. LePage is “intellectually lazy.” Well put, and I am of the same opinion. Whatever anyone else, myself included, has ever called him, this fits him exactly.

I would also like to add that he lacks character. An honorable man with character would have the moral responsibility to govern the people who elected him. He would have the integrity to do the job he gets paid to do.

He would have the courage to do the right thing and look people square in the eye. He doesn’t – hence, the State of the State letter. He lacks the courage to stand by what he says.

He believes in William Beardsley, his nominee for education commissioner, and yet he’s protecting Beardsley from the Education Committee? Protecting him from what? I smell a rat.


You are also correct in saying that this is a job he sought. People believed in him and voted him in – alas, only to find out that we are only his stepping-stone. He has his eye on the New Jersey governorship. He wants to be Chris Christie. Good luck with that!

Intellectually lazy people always seem to aspire to be other people. This is my opinion, and I have been around long enough to witness it over and over.

Yvonne Graffam


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