In response to Ted Bennett’s letter to the editor (Feb. 15), suggesting that transgender people using a bathroom that corresponds to their identity would somehow traumatize women who have been raped, I would ask: How much does he know about sexual assault on women and their response to it?

Women’s bathrooms are fitted with closed-door stalls with locks and provide privacy to the users. Men’s bathrooms, however, often don’t have that level of privacy.

Since transgender men are more likely than men who are not transgender to be assaulted and attacked by homophobic men, the desire of transgender men to use the women’s room is certainly warranted.

Don’t mix apples and oranges in this debate. I’ve never heard of a woman being assaulted by a transgender man in a restroom, but we know lots of stories of transgender men being assaulted by other men.

This is an individual’s choice to dress and act as he wants, and everyone should have the freedom to feel safe.

Bennett’s accusation is based on fear, not facts. Don’t let this nonsense cloud the debate.

Elizabeth Throckmorton Kellett


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