Annoyed at how the Democratic caucus was run last Sunday? Know that you could have done better? Perfect!

When you completed your ballot to select either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, you were also asked if you wanted to join your municipal or county Democratic committee.

For those of you with ideas for improving the caucus and other events, I hope you checked the “yes” box. It is the Portland Democratic City Committee, which was responsible for coordinating the caucus. And because of a lack of volunteers, it is always the same small group of folks who end up carrying the incredibly heavy load.

Step up, folks! The committee’s next meeting is Thursday, March 17, at 5:30 p.m. in Room 5 at the Portland Public Library.

You can join the committee if you are a registered Democrat and you came to the caucus last Sunday.

Reb Brann

former chair, Portland Democratic City Committee, and an exhausted caucus volunteer


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