In response to the May 5 article, “Apartments added to development,” thank you to board members Daniel Isherwood, Rebecca Dillon and Greg Blake for their vote against this site plan amendment.

This beautiful parcel of land now looks assaulted with every possible structure jammed upon it. The four massive 12-unit apartment buildings fail to offer any aesthetic element given their lot placement. Did anyone consider a sightline when drawing up this subdivision? Apparently not. Why weren’t these clustered nearer the back of the land given their dominance in size? With the addition of four more buildings, any single homes will be dwarfed alongside, although the shade cover they’ll provide in summer might reduce energy costs for the homeowners.

It’s understandable why some may have buyers remorse given the replacement of 32 condominium units by 48 apartments. Blue Spruce Farm no longer resembles a residential neighborhood with a balance of rental apartments. Your article shares,“The developers didn’t feel comfortable with forging ahead with the condos in the current market … ” Yet, according to the 2016 Maine Association of Realtors March press release, “The latest statistics indicate a healthy real estate market statewide this spring … at all price points with multiple offer situations a regular occurrence for move-in ready properties.” Risbara Bros. plan to delay condominium projects for the second phase doesn’t, I suspect, make the current residents “feel too comfortable forging ahead at this point either.”

City board members, for the residents of Westbrook, please use prudence over the Twin Falls development across the street from Blue Spruce Farms. Take time to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Guarantee the mix of residential development is determined before construction begins. Provide assurance to potential buyers what they see, sign, and mortgage is exactly what their going to get.

Patricia Youland

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