The way for society to thrive is to provide opportunities to the next generation. A good public education enables people to contribute to sustainable progress and positive growth. Therefore, as a small-business owner and a father, I support Question 2, the Stand Up for Students initiative.

We have signs in my retail store that state: “We do not teach common sense.” I’m often amazed at the lack of motivation and common sense displayed by too many customers.

Many people never gain the motivation, confidence and work ethic that come from setting tasks and accomplishing goals.

Too many bad parents don’t get it; their children suffer and perpetuate the downward spiral with substance abuse and welfare.

Better education and encouragement are needed to help children succeed. Question 2 will provide public schools and educators with the funds necessary to ensure we continue to produce individuals who go on and do great things in the world.

Mike Fink

pawnbroker; notary public; owner, Guitar Grave