OK, here is the crux of the social problems we face: Social problems are not solvable within a purely capitalist economic model.

The reason that abject poverty, hunger, homelessness, illegal drug use, overcrowded prisons and citizens with no medical attention, etc., continue to be a problem in 2017 America is that one cannot make money while solving them. These have been unsolved problems in America for 200 years. All Americans know this.

What we have been doing to address these problems has failed. All Americans know this as well. Yet, we continue to ignore that knowledge in hopes that, what, these problems will just go away? That what we have been doing will suddenly work?

No. We will continue to do what we have been doing because it allows us to feel better about ourselves. It allows us to say that we are trying and gives us peaceful dreams at night.

But if we lean in close and look deep into that mirror, we cannot escape the fact that we are accepting the misery of our fellow humans for our own benefit. We care, but do we care enough to do something about it?

These are social problems that need to be solved by society as a whole. The only way to solve these problems is with higher taxes and governmental programs. We will all have to pay more to solve our society’s social problems. If we cannot agree to do that, then we collectively accept the status quo and move on with our lives because there is no other way, period.

We have only two choices. So, which way do we go? Either agree to pay for the fixes or agree to allow the problems to continue. Which one? And try looking in that mirror when you answer.

Anthony Winslow