Re: “Portland police chief says he’s ‘disgusted’ to see fatal shooting used politically” (Feb. 21):

Despite what Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck says, this is precisely the time to bring the national debate about body cameras to Portland.

An officer has deemed it necessary to take the life of one of our citizens in order to protect the rest of us. The public’s attention is focused on this tragedy. The public is also increasingly suspicious about the integrity of our police.

Fast-tracking the adoption of police body cameras by the city would do a great service to our honorable police officers by allowing the public to know that the video evidence vindicating them is, in many cases, as plain as day. It will also do a great service to our community by helping bring to justice any officers who act outside the law.

Body cameras will help bring clarity to justice, and it is disappointing to see our leading police officer opposing that clarity.

David Kuchta


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